Soft Leather Hard Goods. Based in Mountain View, California, Scout Leather Co. creates essential products designed from necessity and personal experience. Using traditional methods with a modern approach, all Soft Leather Hard Goods are proudly Made in USA.


Necessity and experience. Form appropriate to its function.

Crafted. With care and consideration.


Beauty aged. Materials for each product are carefully chosen with its design and use in mind. Leather being a natural material is not all the same so certain ones are selected for its qualities and how it holds up through use and time.

Proper care. To ensure your leather ages beautifully, Scout Leather Co. recommends the following methods of care and treatments. For Natural Veg Tanned leather, a little bit of Neatsfoot Oil or Obenauf's LP helps conditions and jump-start the darkening and softening process. For Chromexcel leather, due to its tanning process, if a waxy finish develops simply buff with a soft cloth to bring out its natural sheen.